“The energy of angels is at such a high frequency that they are able to move through our universe using the realms like stepping-stones across the Milky Way.”

– ‘Become an Earth Angel’ Sonja Grace

What is an Earth Angel?

Earth angels are authentic and act with integrity and humility. They often need to help others, with a high level of sensitivity, healing, love, compassion, and a sense of purpose. Their past lives are a tapestry of healing, doctoring and visionary work. There are requirements to gain Earth Angel wings and dedicating one’s life to service. The Earth Angel recognizes their karma in this path and accepts the depth of work that must be done first with their own emotional trauma and wounds before assisting others. 

This above all sets them apart from other light workers.

The statement and unquestionable truth that we have a right to be here as a soul in a body on the earth provides a solid and unshakeable foundation and is what steers our purpose and helps to navigate our service, providing healing, compassion, and radiant love. An Earth Angel’s work is choreographed by the Divine. 

These Earth Angels are trained by Sonja Grace and have learned other modalities as well.  As energy surgeons they provide a multitude of healing from organs, bone, blood, chakras, illness, and disease to in-depth processing work with the inner child.  They are highly skilled and trained in the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of being human.

We are living through a special time, which brings many difficulties and problems to the fore, as well as opportunities for all life on this planet. After many lifetimes on Earth spent in the fourth dimension, this new higher frequency, the fifth dimension, has created the right atmosphere and conditions for a new order of Earth Angels.


Meet the Earth Angel Healers:

Danielle Richardson

I believe the divine always takes us to the places we need to go in this life. The best call I ever made was to Sonja Grace as it has led me to this moment of being here for you. I am honored to support you and your needs as you discover your beautiful you, opening doors to the places and spaces within that may be keeping you from feeling, doing, and being your best.

Jess Bell

have always been extremely sensitive.  This has its challenges and benefits.  It’s allowed me to connect deeply with nature and unseen forces throughout my life.  Over the past five years I’ve dedicated my life to healing and to teaching and raising my children.

Nicole Mulliken

Nicole Mulliken

Healing mind, body, and spirit has been the focus of Holistic Health Practitioner, Nicole Mulliken for over a decade. She is a compassionate and experienced healer, who loves working in service. Starting her career as a nurse Nicole transitioned into natural health care by achieving certifications in Energy healing and Sound Healing.


Earth Angel Healers offer the following sessions:

One Hour Phone Session

This is the ideal amount of time to cover all bases. For example: questions about health, medical scan, relationships, job, emotional trauma all get processed by the Earth Angel with deep emotional work.

The Earth Angel will guide you through the emotional realm working with the inner child and help uncover what is stored in the physical body.

Receive a clearing of the physical body and auric field. Start your healing journey with this insightful one hour phone session.

One Hour Clearing and Healing Session

The Earth Angel works within the four essential bodies: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and will send you a full report by email after the session. There is no phone for a clearing and healing session.  Fill out the intake form from the appointment booking and include a photo of yourself. List all of the aliments you are experiencing. The Earth Angel will work on you remotely from head to toes including lungs, vagus nerve, heart, liver, gallbladder, kidneys, stomach, intestines, brain, spine and more.  The health and maintenance of the auric field and energy body, including the chakras is as important as the care to our physical body. The Earth Angel will reboot and balance the energy system. It is important to remember healings can take place right away, for some it takes a couple of days and for others it can take several weeks or longer.  It is God’s will not the will of the Earth Angel or the client.  

Long Distance Clearing and Healing


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